• We ARE
    Chicago Global Shapers

    We are a globally recognized group of young leaders empowered by the World Economic Forum.
    Our Mission
    is to improve the lives of Chicagoans, and breakdown regional and global challenges.

  • Applications to become a Chicago Shaper are CLOSED!

    We kickoff our application cycle with our annual Shape the City event, scheduled for May 22nd 2023.

    Each year our team organizes intentional impact for the year. The link below breaks down each year's goals of supporting local to global equity and inclusion. Please reach out to us at chicagoglobalshapers@gmail.com with any questions or if you're interested in joining or partnering with us! 

    Meet LAUREN, our curator!

    Lauren is a Performance Improvement Leader at Northwestern Medicine who is most energized by ambiguous problem solving, coaching, and leaving things better than she found them. She has a background in polymer engineering, business, entrepreneurship, and healthcare improvement with a passion for both the analytical and creative things in life.


    As a shaper since 2015, Lauren has a deep passion for this community. She has held a variety of leadership positions in both the Chicago hub and her original hub in Cleveland, Ohio. Her favorite things about the Shapers community is the way it empowers young people to connect around impact – providing resources, energy, and a community of people that is unmatched anywhere else. She’s honored to have been a part of projects tackling food insecurity, racial inequities, climate change, and more, and is excited for this year’s impact work!


    Lauren will talk your ear off about random animal facts, rock climbing, dancing, yoga, travel, food, and social impact. Please reach out to her any time if you would like to get to know her, the Chicago hub, or the broader Global Shapers Community better!

    Measuring Our impact

    Check out our 2018-2021 Annual Reports to learn more in-depth about your programs, initiatives, and local/global impact with the Global Shaper Community!

    Become a Partner

    The Chicago Global Shapers’ 2021 impact projects will focus on building partnerships with organizations that are actively creating solutions to accelerate equity and diversity in the Chicago communities.


    If you would like to learn more about becoming a potential partner for this year’s Chicago Global Shapers Impact Project Partnership Program, please review the Request for Proposals document: