• Annual Impact Reports

    Each year our team organizes intentional impact for the year. Below breaks down each year's goals of supporting local to global equity and inclusion. Please reach out to us with any questions or if you're interested in joining or partnering with us!

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    2020-21 Annual Impact Report

    It was a strange year, but we still connected with our communities in more ways than one!

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    2019-20 Annual Impact Report

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    2018-19 Annual Impact Report

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    2017-18 Annual Impact Report

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    Inclusive Technology Entrepreneurship Report

    In recognition of the large and growing role that technology is playing in Chicago to shape the Future of Work, CGS is excited to release a report on inclusive technology entrepreneurship in Chicago, highlighting the viewpoint of young professionals in Chicago. We believe young professionals have an important contribution to make to - and are notably impacted by - both the challenges and the opportunities in this space.

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