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    Hate Crimes and Related Incidents Motivated by Bias or Hate:


    • The statute and ordinance define hate crimes and direct CPD members responding to incidents involving alleged hate crimes to interact with victims in a "fair, unbiased and respectful manner" (no specifics on what this entails) 
    • Protocols to investigate crimes include requesting medical aid, taking action to stop the crime, identifying physical evidence, interviewing witnesses, alerting other police units of the offender's description and offense, and and providing victims with assistance such as information on follow-up investigations and referrals to social service assistance
    • Investigation protocol includes "attempt to determine any motive or intent of the act" and "attempt to identify prior hate crimes or other incidents motivated by bias or hate"
    • Case reports must include thorough details of the incident and "establish the elements of the alleged crime"
    • Detectives will contact victims "on a regular basis" (no specified timeframe or cadence)
    • Beat Community Meetings offer an opportunity to share data, discuss and address crimes and build relationships with people/groups who are likely targets of hate crimes (unclear how this should take place)
    • An annual statistical report will summarize reported hate crimes (unclear if data is disaggregated by race/ethnicity or other demographics) 
    *Summary adapted by Chicago Global Shapers, 2021.
    We are an independent civilian group with no affiliation with the Chicago Police Department or any other related entity.
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