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    Supervisory Responsibilities:


    • The policy establishes general responsibilities and requirements for CPD supervisors (the policy frequently references vague values such as courtesy, dignity, respect, professionalism, and integrity without clearly describing the behaviors that would bring these values to life)
    • The policy states, "it is essential that supervisors are provided with the proper guidance and training to develop into effective leaders" (unclear what guidance and training is required or available)

    • The policy states a commitment to Procedural Justice and Legitimacy, with the goal of strengthening relationships with the community - including giving others a voice, fair and transparent decision-making based on facts, respectful treatment, and trustworthiness

    • Supervisors will model appropriate conduct, guide members to detect and address bias-based and discriminatory policing, and provide leadership, training, and support to members under their command (unclear how supervisors are supported to carry out these duties)

    • Supervisors are accountable for the performance of members under their command (supporting community policing or positive community/police interactions are not listed explicitly as priorities)

    • Specific duties are outlined related to ensuring impartial policing, reporting allegations of misconduct, use of force incidents, performance evaluation, and officer wellness and support

    *Summary adapted by Chicago Global Shapers, 2021.
    We are an independent civilian group with no affiliation with the Chicago Police Department or any other related entity.
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